What we do 

Integrated Furniture Management

Meeting the needs of a rapidly changing business means constantly evolving and re-assessing your portfolio. GGMS provides innovative dynamic control and support in order to comprehensively manage existing and new furniture assets on a transparent and sustainable basis. 

We apply the same expertise and principles to our furniture management programmes as we do to our management of major single move events, ensuring perfect synchronicity with your core business activity. Our time and knowledge are available whenever you need it.

Working across a modern multi-functional estate we meet design standards, minimize impact on the environment, whilst also providing unparalleled cost-savings that builds trust in our performance from board-level, all the way down to frontline.

Negate the need to constantly buy new furniture by investing in a management plan that will get the most out of your existing assets.

Manage & Implement full FF&E Reuse Programme
Proprietary Software Onboarding & Building Audits
Sale & Donation of Surplus Assets
Furniture Repurpose & Rejuvenation
Warranty Management
Transparent Storage Management
Reuse, Recycle & CSR Reporting


assets in tracking


estate occupancy

£3.5 Million

net client savings through estate reuse in 2019

World Leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy Implementation

At GGMS we believe that CSR Strategy should be actively encouraged within the service model that we provide to our clients. We help our clients to become more socially accountable – to themselves, their stakeholders and to the public by proving that it is possible to benefit society whilst also boosting their brands.

Recognised for and crucial to the delivery of our model services, is our Smart Technology. Continued focus on investment will be maintained in development of our in-house software programmes, contributing compliantly to the delivery of our clients’ sustainable workplaces. By utilising our own software, clients can receive instant data on their CSR performance through furniture reuse as well as responsible recycling.

Maintaining a zero to landfill position since 2010 we are highly vested in reducing, tracking and reporting on carbon emissions within our own business and throughout the services we deliver to our clients.

Central to our business objectives is providing gold-standard alternatives to procuring new furniture, by constantly identifying client-owned assets for cost-saving regeneration opportunity. When implemented correctly, reuse of corporate furniture can provide huge fiscal and CO2e savings.

Supporting Reuse Opportunity Local to Building Uplift Sites
Working with Charities & Social Organisations
Zero Waste to Landfill
Code Green Bags Supporting reuse of Office Stationary Items Delivered to Schools/Colleges


charities we’ve worked with

Major CO2e Savings
Good News Stories
Sale of Assets – 70% Value Return to Client
Sale of Recyclate 70% Value Return to Client
Furniture Regeneration with New 3-Year Warranty


tonnes of CO2e saved in 2019

Estate Rationalisation Programmes

Faced with the daunting proposition of reducing the size of your estate?

Looking to consolidate space within your corporate offices?

The management and execution of multi-project operations is crucial to exercising successful transformation within an Organisation. Paramount to successful delivery is exceptional communication, flexibility, professional management, provision of experienced operational resource and intelligent asset CSR-tracking software. This enables you to meet set milestones.

At the core of any Estate Rationalisation Programme is early stage engagement and planning; allowing the team to make key decisions following asset audit, surrounding the FF&E reuse opportunities.

GGMS provide experienced furniture auditors to assess the condition of each existing asset on site and add all necessary attributes of each piece of furniture to our bespoke inhouse software – SmartED-i®

The end result – smart and compliant projects executed in line with operational budgets and timescales, maximization of FF&E Reuse, good news stories and robust reporting.

Project Management (Inception to Completion)
Building Closures
Estate-wide Redistribution of Assets
Reuse through Sale & Donation
Zero Waste to Landfill
Track & Trace all FF&E Assets
Comprehensive Asset, Fiscal & CSR Reporting
Long-Term & Pit-Stop Storage
Fiscal Savings
SmartWorkshop Regeneration Facility


assets processed in 2019


assets reused through sale, donation & estate reuse


property closures in 2018/2019

GGMS Home Office Solutions

Has your Organisation adopted agile and flexi-working?

Are your employee’s home offices set up appropriately?

The events of 2020 have caused a massive workplace culture change that will see a huge rise in the number of staff that request or are requested to work from home. Organisations are realising that business continuity can not only be maintained, but improved upon with compliant and comfortable home working environments, leading to increased productivity and positivity in their work force.

We and our clients recognise that whilst the working environment may change, the responsibility on employers to provide good quality compliant furniture and equipment does not.

Having successfully implemented a Home Office Solutions programme, our forward-thinking clients have benefitted from happy employees, and huge cost and carbon savings from re-using furniture assets from commercial offices that are either closing down or now longer at full occupancy.

Agree style for existing client-owned sustainable product for home re-use
Where new product is required, manage procurement of product through supply chain partner
Manage Staff Enquiries
Manage Central Call-Off Stock
Schedule Home Office Solutions Deliveries
Managing Warranties & Repairs
Track, Trace & Report via SmartED-i®’ as a bullet point above ‘Home Office After Care’

1000 Tonnes

CO2 emissions saved through re-use

Zero waste to landfill disposal of Surplus and Unwanted Home Assets for Employees
Occupational Health Products Sourced via Re-use or Supply Chain & Delivered by GGMS
GGMS Home Office After Care to include:
Pat Testing
Bespoke Reupholstery of items to suit home décor
Repair Packages


items delivered to employees working from home

Our service model has been tried and tested across the UK and has now been successfully rolled out within EMEA with intent to extend into the United States and Asia-Pacific regions.

We can either deliver our bespoke solution by engaging with our global operational partner, or by working collaboratively with client existing supply chain. With access to an extensive network of 144 locations in 98 countries (and growing!), we really can deliver a global solution to our clients.

All physical resource in the UK is provided to GGMS by our sister company
Green-MAC, and across the world by AGS.

GGMS is a fully collaborative management company, and we are highly experienced at integrating service provision with additional supply chain partners across large multi-faceted portfolios.